This book of gal-pal wisdom is made up of phrases clipped from magazines, collected and arranged to form a loose narrative on the theme of friendship. The visual approach borrows heavily from the author’s previous title, the similarly ‘written’ and similarly-themed How Old Is Beautiful?


I’m an all-day sucker for collage, and having spent my life surrounded by grid paper and colorful, scissored scraps, I designed the layout to suggest (not so subtly) the author’s process, happily snipping up mags to form her manuscript. The newspaper strips and graph paper were design elements in the author’s previous book; to maintain visual consistency between titles, I kept these pieces and layered over them (a frequent tendency of mine—a professor at Art Center once described me as an ‘additive designer’). To help this title keep its own separate identity, I also added in new background textures of letterpress type—my nod to the antiquated origins of newspaper printing—and where the previous book featured floral line art, I was careful to add images of birds and insects to this followup title, symbols of the friendly symbiosis of the natural world. Yeah, I’m deep like that.