First conceived and published as a smallish spiral-bound keepsake folder, this title was re-imagined as a more abundant, easily customizable kit in a nice roomy box with a hinged lid. Box illustration and all interior spots by Steve Mack, who always gets texture and color just right, and could not be more pleasant to work with, even if he attended a three-day seminar called How to Be Pleasant to Work With, and took copious notes.


A 2-color booklet has 12 different blank journal pages with prompts (“My hobbies and activities,” “What I think I will be doing in ten years,” “Things that bother me” etc) and places for school photos; the pages repeat six times, so that any six school years may be recorded (consecutively or not). Six differently-patterned envelopes are large enough to hold artwork, book reports, and that awesome bandana you stole from that guy you said you didn’t like in 7th grade, but really you totally did like him. Label stickers let you organize the folders by grade, subject, or era (era, too grandiose?)... You can also use the blank labels to organize in whatever wild system pleases you most, if you are some kind of radical, or something. If you’re not, you can use the blank labels on your spice jars.