You probably think a smoothie cookbook is an unnecessary addition to your vast cookbook library, because you already know how to put yogurt and frozen fruit into a blender. As usual, you are mistaken. It takes a professional to conjure up recipes as weird and tasty as the Greek Goddess: green apple, sea salt, mint, cottage cheese, frozen grapes, scallions, and some other stuff, too. Whoa. Anyway, do you really have time to figure out which probiotics and antioxidants are most delicious together? Don’t you have a job??


Many of the smoothies and juice blends call for fresh herbs, or even for leafy greens like kale or arugula; the botanical motif hints at these literal ingredients, and also reinforces the book’s core message of fresh, healthful living: the front flap promises “more than 60 delicious recipes brimming with fresh fruit and hip superfoods that give you shiny hair, luminous skin, and a killer immune system.” Damn! Get ready to be super-popular!