Thinking about animals and their well-being takes up about 85% of my time, and while looking at cat videos on the internet is obviously pretty rewarding, volunteering with animal welfare organizations is actually a lot more fun—although I definitely make time to do both. I’m lucky to be able to help many animals in my own community, frequently in person (the best!!) by traveling with dedicated staff and volunteers to provide free and low-cost care for pets in neighborhoods across San Francisco; other times, my contribution involves fewer cute dogs and more squinting at a monitor on my desk, where I build design collateral for various events and shelter needs.

For each campaign, I am given the freedom (and the challenge) to create all needed artwork, which is a privilege and a true delight. The adoption folders—stuffed full of helpful info and given to new adopters when they bring their pet home from the SPCA—were particularly enjoyable in this regard; for the 149th year of the institution, my theme and inspiration was “love for pets and love for San Francisco, and love for pets in San Francisco.” Check, check, and check please!