Initially conceived as a novelty for children, this flip book also does very well in the specialty and trade markets. Each page is sliced in thirds, trisecting every illustration and allowing for zillions of schizophrenic (or ‘zany’ if you prefer) characters… or, if not zillions, at least 13,000, as noted on the cover. It is to the great credit of the illustrator—not to mention the printer and the production coordinator—that each character is neatly severed in exactly the right place on each page.


Meticulously tweezered into existence by Carin Berger, every character is a collage of vintage paper ephemera and magazine scraps, resembling in this way the surface of my desk, and also, my brain. Matching up a piece of ephemera to perfectly complement the character beside it has, in fact, counted as one of the more delightful experiences of my career in childrens book design.