Apparently, the stars really are just like us—they love delicious food, and they have a bunch of kitchen appliances they don’t necessarily know how to use. These are just a couple of things the proprietor of Buttercake Bakery learned while her business thrived in west LA serving lemon bars, whoopee pies and coconut cakes to regular folks and celebrities alike. Now even a novice cook can make some of Buttercake’s delicious treats at home! (I make the spicy three-pepper jelly every Christmas, and the fluffy banana cake every couple of months—don’t judge, bananas are healthy.) The Kitchen Decoded is not just a promotional recipe book, but serves as a helpful resource to anyone who might be wondering how to get the most out of their stand mixer; each chapter focuses on a specific piece of kitchen equipment, with dozens of recipes to make using that tool. Believe me, a grater is great but once you microplane, you’ll never go back!