Produced by the Shivas Irons Society, this thoughtful collection of art and literature carries a strong theme of golf, but a stronger theme of finding poetry within the game. The aesthetic of the magazine was set before I arrived on the scene, but I was encouraged to bring my own voice to the design of this 4th issue, which runs 64 pages.


Working with the established margins and typefaces of the journal, I made noise now and then using fields of color or oversized text; true to my Art Center leanings, I also jumped at the chance to torture the grid here and there with unexpected white space or weird, wide-open leading. It’s easy to dismiss these maneuvers as a bunch of egocentric designer conceits, until you consider that the spaced-out, carved-up paragraph speaks of “lost possibilities,” “malignant interferences,” and “threats to the even flow of the story.” BAM! See, sometimes designers are conceited for a reason.