I worked with internal design teams at Gap Inc. to build collateral including signage, infographics, presentations, invitations, and swag for special events, meetings, and team-building exercises; one of my favorite pieces was the ‘Innovation Acrobat’ award. Because this is a group committed to unusual and progressive ideas, the standard letter-sized paper certificate with a gold seal held little interest for them as a symbol of achievement. Using vintage circus posters as a source of inspiration, I incorporated the brand colors of the parent company (Gap) and of the Acrobat team, avoiding the muted tones and rough textures of aged paper or wood typically associated with antique circus themes. Eventually this extravagantly-shaped plaque was expertly die-cut out of thick brushed aluminum, which allowed for particular luminosity and vibrancy of color. The award can easily be hung on the wall or propped in a frame stand.