Love getting crafty, but hate destroying the planet? Well, stop worrying, you crazy hippie. You can safely, non-toxically, and sustainably dye your way to happiness! Or at least to a whole new wardrobe! Which is the same thing as happiness, pretty much! According to this book—which I was asked to design ‘in an Anthropologie style’—blackberries and turmeric are more than just items to forget at the market. They are also transformative, ecologically sound coloring agents. Dig it.


A comprehensive text covers the history of dyes (both natural and chemically-produced), the basics of equipment, safety, and process, and includes dozens of recipes and projects for DIY dyeing good times (aka DIY Dyeing Good Times Family Jam Band). Vintage plant engravings in non-vintage colors keep nostalgia from suffocating the design. The photographs (shot primarily by the author) work beautifully as abstracts of color and texture, especially with a heavy zoom/crop.