Modern problems: you can’t think of any sexy role-play ideas to act out with your squeeze on Date Night, but you’re hesitant to look up “sexy role-play ideas” on the internet, because what if someone checks your browser history?? And also you might see some traumatizing manga. Play it safe and just cherry-pick your favorite fantasies from Let’s Play Doctor, an oversized card game offering dozens of scenarios for frisky twosomes, complete with suggestions for outfits, props, and playful innuendo to get things rolling.


There are four categories of role-play, with a different illustrated icon and background color scheme for each; page composition remains uniform throughout the deck, but the typography for each card is unique and highly elaborate. The authors of this game had enjoyed success with their previous title, a similarly-themed card game called Truth or Dare, which employed a vaguely Victorian theme and a simple palette of red, black, and white—I took that framework as my point of inspiration and heaped this followup title with saucy flourishes, fanciful type, and velvety color variations.