I worked on several window campaigns during my brief turn in fast fashion, and to my enduring delight, the design that ultimately went into production is the one dearest to my heart: a five-foot squirrel against a field of neon pink. Obviously, this was a banner for the Columbus Day Sale window display. As if you had to ask.


Although the bulk of my work for Charlotte Russe was in support of store visuals, I was lucky to have opportunity to build collateral for other design teams, such as this special email/mobile marketing campaign promoting a discount to celebrate MTV’s VMA broadcast. The Charlotte Russe aesthetic is typically quite girlish and soft, but this offer needed to reflect the edgier look of MTV and its audience—and to reference the VMAs in a direct and unambiguous way. To this end I liberally used a shocking neon green (as seen in much of the VMA collateral), designed the CR offer’s ‘award seal’ to mimic the VMA logo, and snuck in a graffiti typeface along with CR-branded fonts.